The butchers at Prime + Proper work very closely with our select purveyors, ensuring that
the quality of meats is pristine year-round. Our in-house butcher shop ages all of our USDA Prime
Beef for no less than 28 days, our USDA Prime Lamb for no less than 14 days, and for our USDA
whole ducks, a firm 7 days. To begin the dry aging process, our butchers receive their weekly
order and hand-select every individual piece to ensure that only the highest quality cuts are used.
The meats are then tagged with the date and weight, and placed into our Himalayan rock salt lined
aging room where the magic begins. In our dry aging room, the Himalayan rock salt targets the meats’
natural enzymes, breaking down the fibers and connective tissues while evaporating most of the
water weight, leaving a beautiful, bright cherry red steak that’s ready for grilling. The Himalayan rock salt
also brings a delicious flavor and texture to the meat, creating an impeccably crafted product.


At Prime + Proper, our butchers pride themselves on sourcing the finest USDA Prime beef,
lamb, and duck along with certified Japanese Wagyu. From our farmers to Prime + Proper’s
butchers, it’s our promise to provide the highest quality proteins 52 weeks of the year. Along with
the beautiful USDA Prime, we source from small farms from around the US to bring limited amounts
of special cuts that are not found anywhere else. To top it off, our Japanese Wagyu is expertly aged
and cut to perfection and we will proudly display the certificates for each Wagyu loin in our shop.
At Prime + Proper, we are certain that our guests will receive the highest quality of meats possible
with our proper standard of excellence, delivering not only a unique butcher shop experience,
but our Prime + Proper experience.